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by Amy Gaw

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“Carry each other’s burdens, and in this way you will fulfill the law of Christ.” Galatians 2:6

Safety net. I take mine for granted. When my world seems to be falling apart, I know that I can rely on family, close friends, church family, and the closest friend of all, Jesus.
The call came at about 5 pm on a Sunday evening. The plan was to launch the Emancipated Foster Youth Program this fall, but we were needed today to be David’s safety net. David, one of our former campers who had turned 18 a few days earlier, had been kicked out of his house with only a couple changes of clothes. Homeless, alone, and anxious, David had no job, no ID, no phone and no food to eat. There was no safety net to catch and rescue him as his life reeled out of control.

Thankfully, a family in our church stepped up and allowed David to stay in their home. They provided a place to sleep, eat, and be loved. A mentor quickly stepped in to help him obtain his ID, to secure a job, and to develop a plan to move forward. As we moved forward to fill David’s needs, we witnessed God work where we could not.

David asked if there was a way he could receive therapy. Knowing that most youth in the system are treated by interns who cannot provide the consistent, long-term, and professional therapy they need, we searched for a professional, Christ-following therapist to help David journey through the healing process.

While David and I were discussing therapy options, I received another phone call from a family-friend who had recently been introduced to a therapist who specializes in working with teens. I immediately called the therapist who eagerly agreed to work with us at a discounted rate. I froze realizing there was no money for therapy even at a discounted rate.

That day I received the following text: “This may seem strange but I felt the urge to text you and see if there were any financial needs for any of the kids or families you work with. I have learned to act when I feel the Lord prompting, so thought I would check.” Within a couple of hours God provided a therapist and donor to pay for the therapy.

What a mighty God we serve! The Father to the fatherless weaves His story of redemption and love in to the lives of His children.

As David’s story continues, we appreciate your prayers as we journey alongside him. David is one of many who find themselves without a safety net. We need you to join us as we work and develop ways to care for emancipated youth. One of our urgent needs is for a home or duplex where we could have an on-site coordinator live with emancipated youth.

It is amazing to see God work in ways beyond our own ability. Here, God intervened on behalf of His beloved child. For more information or ways to get involved, please email

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