OC United is just that – Orange County, united. We’re all the people who have ever thought, I wish I could do something. We’re a collection of citizens, non-profits and churches who believe we can accomplish more working together than apart. We believe that our community is full of faces and personalities that need love and support. We believe that you are part of our community. You make us who we are by taking action.


We’re all neighbors. We live in the same space and share the same resources. But some of us don’t have homes. Some of us don’t have families. Some of us are isolated despite being surrounded by others. We’re tired of feeling helpless when presented with heartbreaking needs. We’re here to empower ALL of us to bring compassion, peace, and restorative relationships to the most vulnerable in OUR community.


We exist to empower the vulnerable who have experienced the breakdown of the family unit through restorative relationships and life-skills development. We serve those who have experienced Foster Care, Domestic Abuse, Homelessness, and Under-Resourced Neighborhoods & Schools.


  • Jay Williams
    Jay Williams
    Executive Director
  • Amy Gaw
    Amy Gaw
    Director, Operations & Foster Care Initiative
  • Shayne Johnson
    Shayne Johnson
    Office Administrator
  • Kelsie Snowden
    Kelsie Snowden
    Accounting Assistant
  • Brandon Morales
    Brandon Morales
    Manager, Marketing & Communications
  • Tajmia Loiacono
    Tajmia Loiacono
    Digital Media Specialist
  • Donna Mroz
    Donna Mroz
    Director, Domestic Abuse Initiative
  • Mike Carman
    Mike Carman
    Director, Workforce Development & Jobs for Life
  • Jim Deming
    Jim Deming
    Director, THRIVE Men's Program
  • Lindsey Driggs
    Lindsey Driggs
    Program Manager, THRIVE Women's Program
  • Renae Dupuis
    Renae Dupuis
    Director, RESPITE Program & Trauma Specialist
  • Donna Whitman
    Donna Whitman
    Director, Neighborhood Development Initiative
  • Gaby Garcia
    Gaby Garcia
    Program Director, United Kids
  • Victor & Camille Hernandez
    Victor & Camille Hernandez
    Neighborhood Development


  • Timothy J. Blied
    Timothy J. Blied

    Tim Blied is a partner with an Orange County law firm specializing in adoptions. He is active with The Sheepfold, serving for the past 25 years on the Board. He also has been on the Board of Casa Teresa. He and his wife, Janel, have been married for 40 years and have 4 adult children.

  • Paul Burke
    Paul Burke

    Native of Ohio, but lover of California, Paul and his family are actively involved in the Fullerton community. Paul has the privilege of working with many organizations that meet real human need daily. He’s especially enthusiastic about the work of OCUnited, as it changes lives in his own community.

  • Mitch Fierro
    Mitch Fierro

    Mitch and his wife and have been Fullerton residents for 13 years. The vibrant community is the glue that has anchored them and their three kids to the city. Together, they long to see the most vulnerable in the community live thriving lives, not only in Fullerton but across all of Orange County.

  • Dan Hughes
    Dan Hughes

    Dan Hughes works as the VP of Security at Disneyland and is the former Chief of Police for the City of Fullerton. Dan was raised in Fullerton and worked for the police department for over 30 years. Dan is excited about OC United and believes their vision will help transform the City of Fullerton.

  • Barb Jennings
    Barb Jennings

    A former Texan, Barb fell in love with California when she and her husband, Bill, moved to Fullerton 33 years ago. They raised their 2 adult children in Fullerton and have now been blessed with one grandchild. Barb’s volunteer work includes 16 years on the board of Pathways of Hope, along with service to Meals on Wheels, Hot Meals Ministry, ALPHA and Needlework Guild.

  • Dan Reyneveld
    Dan Reyneveld

    This is an exciting opportunity to unite caring people and committed organizations to better serve our OC friends and neighbors in need. Local businesses are looking for ways to make a difference in their communities. Indeed, together we can make things better.