Let's ReDefine 2020

Redefine: to consider something in a new way. #redefine2020

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Share Pain, Celebrate Resilience, Give to the Common Good


2020 has turned our world upside-down.

Between COVID-19, political and social division, quarantine, masks, social-distancing, and more – we have ALL experienced a collectively traumatic year on deeply personal levels.

But we can choose hope.

How will you remember this year? We all have the opportunity to choose to remember 2020 as a year of pain, division, and difficulty OR to validate those experiences and cling to hope. What would happen if we acknowledged the pain and loss from this year, chose move forward, and redefined how we look back on this year?

So here’s the challenge.

Whether it be a young adult from foster care or a survivor of domestic abuse, we validate those experiences as painful and traumatic AND we choose to not stay there. In each of our programs at OC United, we challenge each other toward hope. 2020 has given us all the opportunity to do the same thing.

Storytelling is powerful.

By sharing our stories of what has been difficult this year and how we have overcome — we find common ground, extend compassion, and connect with one another. So what if we chose to re-define this year as “the year (this difficult thing happened) AND the year that (this positive thing came out of the pain)”?


After a year of division, sickness, and despair; we choose hope, to pursue the greater good, to think outside of ourselves, and to extend grace to each other – we choose to #ReDefine2020.


Take the ReDefine2020 Challenge:

1. Tell Your Story + Make a Donation: Submit a video of how you’re choosing to #ReDefine2020 & then donate $20.20 to a nonprofit of your choice! There’s a list below, but we’d love if you’d pick OC United! 😉

2. Video Part 1: “How has 2020 impacted me?” Be as specific as you feel comfortable. Your story matters!

3. Video Part 2: “How do I choose to remember this year?” 2020 has been a tough year. By sharing how you’ve chosen to overcome, you will memorialize this year for yourself with hope AND you will encourage others to do the same.

4. Give the challenge: Make sure to say — “Submit your own video at ocunited.org/2020 + join me in donating $20.20 to OC United or another non-profit. I choose to #ReDefine2020!”

5. Submit your video below + donate to a non-profit! Your contribution will inspire others to extend hope and love to those around them – thank you for choosing to #ReDefine2020. (scroll down for a list of some of our nonprofit neighbors)

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