Providing Hope and Community for those Experiencing Homelessness

Jobs for Life is an 8-week, 32-hour training course designed to prepare unemployed men and women for a lifetime of meaningful work.

We hold classes twice weekly, two hours each meeting. The course covers soft skills (résumé-building, mock interviews, etc.) and focuses heavily on character identity and development.

Interwoven in the class time are Champions (mentors) who have committed to walk with our students for one year. Our champions journey through class alongside the students, helping them work through the material and developing deeper relationships with them.

The final component is our business partnerships, employers and managers willing to interview our graduates for potential job openings. The combination of curriculum, extended mentorship and business partnerships allows our students to thrive and experience renewed dignity and a sense of purpose.


Jobs for Life


Join a team of dedicated and passionate individuals committed to walking alongside those experiencing homelessness.

CHAMPIONS: JfL is volunteer-dependent in its efforts. We need men and women willing to extend themselves for the sake of others. Our greatest need is always for champions who provide support, guidance, encouragement and a sense of community to our students.

LEADERSHIP TEAM: We also need other JfL positions filled, especially as we look to expand. These include leadership positions involving overall responsibility of a JfL venue, champions oversight, business relations management, prayer team coordination, and student relations.

PRAYER TEAM: We are also looking for those who will be part of our prayer teams (each class cycle has such a team), as well as those willing to pitch in and help wherever they might be needed.



Our big picture hope is to positively impact homelessness in OC by giving this life-changing program away! Churches and other groups can be perfect fits for JfL classes, because they can provide a powerful platform for not only teaching the material, but of also developing meaningful relationships that effectively engage our students in their transformation.

If you’d like to know more about hosting Jobs for Life and making it part of your group’s outreach, contact us. We’ll set up a time to talk set up a time to talk and determine how you can best use your group to change the direction of lives around you.



Our business partners provide the “wrap around” that help our students find hope as they move into the working world. They help by providing interviews for our grads if they have positions that need to be filled. There’s no obligation to hire; only to help men and women working their way back into the mainstream.

We know that there is a risk in hiring, especially at entry level, and that bad hires can cost employers a lot of money. While we can’t eliminate that risk, it’s reasonable to assume that when our graduates come to prospective employers with 32 hours of training, a mentor walking with them and our seal of approval, that risk factor should drop and we can provide a win for all parties involved.



We currently host Jobs for Life training at Orange County’s homeless shelter, Bridges at Kraemer Place in Anaheim and at the Courtyard Transitional Shelter in Santa Ana. We’re currently looking at other locations and dates for classes. Watch for more information as it becomes available!

If You Are Currently Experiencing Homelessness

Click here and you’ll be directed to a list of resources that can be of help to you. If you’d like to know more about joining a Jobs for Life class, or find out how you might find temporary shelter at Bridges, you can contact Mike Carman at OC United at