Partner with us to serve families!

Whole Family Partners will ensure that each family that needs tools, resources, emotional, and educational support will have a dedicated case manager to empower and equip them to continue in the work of caring for the most vulnerable in our midst.

Did you know?

FACT: 50% of foster families quit within the first year, with an average of 35% quitting the 2nd year.

FACT: Divorce rates are reported to be higher in families of children with special needs than in the general population.

This is not because families aren’t “cut out” to parent – it is because caring for a child who has experienced developmental adversity is an investment that requires community support!  The cost to families that work to create healing environments for vulnerable children is felt at an emotional, physical, spiritual, relational, and financial level.

TraumaWise and Whole Family Partnership

One of the things that the TraumaWise program does is to provide Resources, Support, and Education to Parents who have said “yes” to that child and the cost. We have launched several programs to meet the whole family’s needs, including our recent in-home support program.

With over 600 families involved in the TraumaWise program, the needs are beyond what a Director can meet without more resources, which is why we are introducing the opportunity to partner with TraumaWise to provide case management and direct support to families. 

Whole Family Partnership Details

At least $90 per month, requesting at least a one-year commitment when possible

Each partnership will provide one (1) family:

  • Individual Case Management
  • 3 monthly touchpoints of regular direct support (in-home when appropriate)
  • Parent coaching and family nurture groups
  • TraumaWise Resiliency Toolkit
  • Linkage services to local partners
  • Priority Access to OC United Resource Hub
  • Priority Access to the TraumaWise Lending Library and take-home materials
  • Free Parent Trainings (many with childcare)
  • Support Group Opportunities (with childcare)
  • Parent/Child/Family Wellness Opportunities

When you become a partner, you will become part of the support network for that family and will receive regular updates and/or success stories on the positive impact your contribution is making.

If you are ready to enter into this partnership to meet this essential need, please visit: 

Thank you for your consideration and we look forward to your participation in this important and vital work.

If you have any questions,  would like to make a one-time donation, or volunteer, please feel free to contact the Director of Trauma and Whole-Person Care, Renae M. Dupuis at or 714-515-3094.