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Many kids in our community face uncertain futures and risk entering the system. We mobilize our community to support children, system-impacted young adults, and families. Join us in providing solutions that go beyond traditional services and address the deeper issues of isolation and abuse. Together, we can strengthen families and build a healthier community.

Fact There are about


children in foster care in California.


of foster youth exit the system with nowhere to go.
Fact There are roughly


women and children in domestic violence shelters in California on any given day.
Fact About


of the nation’s homeless population reside in CA.

1 of 3 children

in the United States live without their biological father in their home.
THRIVE helped me to let down walls and open up new doors. It helped me know that there is a community that wants to help foster youth. The world is so willing to just throw us out to figure it out on our own but we don't have any family or anyone to help us... I found people who love me, accept me, check up on me, are rooting for me, and walking with me through life's challenges and victories. It created a space of friendship, family, and love. Thank you. B., Former-Foster Youth in the THRIVE Program
Jobs for Life served as the nitrous booster for me at the tail-end of my homelessness. From the course, to the class, to the friendship with my champions, Bruce and John. I needed the inspiration and fuel to keep going and the Jobs for Life family arrived in the nick of time. Now, with much behind me, I have come out of it a stronger person and leveled up in a new way. With as much as I've endured, I find myself with no bitterness in my heart and I attribute much of that to the experiences I've shared, and the wisdom I've acquired with my Jobs for Life family. S., Jobs for Life Graduate
United Teens helped me find a sense of belonging. On behalf of the OC Teens, whether they deny it or not, it feels like a second family. I like to think of it like the breakfast club. A bunch of misfits, with different personalities and backgrounds. Despite our obvious differences, we all made some sort of friendship with one another. No matter what I'm going through I know someone will always have my back, whether I need advice or just someone to talk to. A., United Teens
I've been a resident of Fullerton for 20 years and got to know OC United during the pandemic. I didn't like to belong to any group because I never felt comfortable with how they delivered services to the community... But at OC United, the most important thing to them is people... They value emotional wellness and ensure that everyone feels comfortable, safe, and free to seek help in a moment of need... It's an organization with a big heart that helps the community with food, domestic violence support, activities for their children, education, and connection with the police. It's a blessing to know them and be involved as they work toward the good of the community. V., Voces Unidas CORE Team Member
OC United has made a positive impact in the lives of many Valencia Park students and families. Thanks to the United Kids after-school program, our students benefit from extended learning and social-emotional support in a nurturing environment. We are incredibly grateful for the outpouring of love and support that OC United has shown to our students, families, and community! Cindy Bak, Former Principal of Valencia Park Elementary
With limited funds to give, we are very selective about where to invest in kingdom work. Supporting OC United is a no-brainer. We believe strongly in your mission and the way you're pursuing it! J., Volunteer & Donor
18 months ago I joined OC United’s Domestic Violence support group, I came to help others as a Spanish translator, but God used this group to bring tremendous healing into my own heart, and to teach me to recognize what a healthy relationship is supposed to look like. B., Domestic Abuse Survivor
We love you guys. Thank you for the efforts that you put forth. If we don't work together to get shoulder to shoulder and eyeball to eyeball on our communities, then we know the outcomes. We've been living with them and have seen them on a global scale. It takes not only having the conversation but also the action. Scott, President, Doing Good Works
OC United's THRIVE House has been amazing for me. It’s allowed me to go to college and not have to worry about having a job that will support me or have to live in my car. I’m in a much better spot than I was a year ago. I’ve changed a lot over the past year and not a lot of people can say they’ve changed a lot in a year but I really have. OC United has provided so many opportunities and really just supports you along the way. I couldn’t thank them enough. J., Former-Foster Youth in the THRIVE Program
Awww thank you so much for always helping and taking care of my kids. Thank you for helping me educate them and put smiles on their faces. I appreciate it so much. T., Mother in the Valencia Park Neighborhood


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