Foster Care




OC United provides resources and support for those who have intersected with the foster care system through a two program approach.
Our RESPITE Program provides resources, education, and support to caregivers and interventions for trauma-sensitive environments.
Our THRIVE Program provides housing, community, and support for former-foster and at-risk youth.


Serving Former-Foster
and At-Risk Youth

OC United’s THRIVE Program

Transitional Home Recognizing
Independence, Value, and Empowerment

THRIVE seeks to equip young adults exiting the foster care system for self-sufficiency. Our desire is to step into the gap and empower these young people as they launch into adulthood.

Did you know that on their 18th birthday, they’re on their own?

  • Within 18 months of their emancipation from the foster care system, 40-50% of former-foster youth become homeless.
  • At age 24, only half of them are employed.
  • Former-foster youth are nearly twice as likely to experience PTSD than veterans.
  • Less than 3% of former-foster youth graduate from 4-year colleges and universities.
  • 71% become pregnant before turning 19.
  • 4 out of 5 incarcerated inmates have spent time in foster care.

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Serving Parents, Families, & Caregivers

Did you know that over 50% of foster parents stop fostering their first year?

OC United’s RESPITE Program

Resources, Education, and Support for Parents
Interventions for Trauma-Sensitive Environments

OC United’s RESPITE Program provides resources, education, and support for parents through respite and interventions for trauma-sensitive environments. RESPITE provides support groups, parent trainings, date nights, wellness classes, and trauma trainings to foster, adoptive, and kinship families.

We also provide trainings, tools, and classroom interventions to support trauma-sensitive classrooms and educational environments.

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