About Us


We exist to step into the gap for those who have experienced the breakdown of the family unit
by providing restorative relationships, a healing home, and personal development.


For past hurts to be healed.
For safety and trust to be felt.
For a hopeful future to be realized.

We currently serve those within the following contexts:
Foster Care, Domestic Abuse, Homelessness, and Under-Resourced Neighborhoods & Schools.


OC United is just that – Orange County, UNITED. We’re all the people who have ever thought, I wish I could do something. We’re a collection of citizens, non-profits and churches who believe we can accomplish more working together than apart. We believe that our community is full of faces and personalities that need love and support. We believe that you are part of our community. You make us who we are by taking action.


We’re all neighbors. We live in the same space and share the same resources. But some of us don’t have homes. Some of us don’t have families. Some of us are isolated despite being surrounded by others. We’re tired of feeling helpless when presented with heartbreaking needs. We’re here to empower ALL of us to bring compassion, peace, and restorative relationships to the most vulnerable in OUR community.


418 West Commonwealth Avenue
Fullerton, California 92832


9 AM – 5 PM
Monday – Friday