Voces Unidas

United Voices of Valencia Park



What is Voces Unidas?

Voces Unidas is a community of families (from grandparents to their grandchildren) who are healing their community. They understand that healing starts with themselves and will spread into their families and their neighborhoods.

Voces Unidas advocates for the needs of their community through personal growth, advocating for change in the education system, and preventing juvenile crime.

Our Vision

We elevate the voices of the community to identify, advocate, and implement positive change. We listen to each others’ voices and believe that together, we can make a change.

Ongoing Actions

Community Meetings

Parents advocate for the wellbeing and development of their community and the academic performance of their children.

  • Open to community members
  • Wednesdays at 9:30am at Gilbert Community Center
  • In-Person and via Zoom

Neighborhood Bridge Building Interviews

Voces Unidas provides a bridge for individual residents to build relationships with local city stakeholders (City Government, Fullerton School District Representatives, Fullerton Police personnel, and more).

  • Invite only
  • Weekly during July and August of 2022
  • For more information or to join us, contact gabyg@ocunited.org

“Cocinando con Emma” – Health & Wellness

Healthy cooking classes with fellow neighbors to learn alternative recipes, build community, and heal. We also do art, crafts, painting, and more with family members of all ages to be restored socially and emotionally.

  • Open to community members
  • Fridays at 9:30am at Gilbert Community Center
  • Contact gabyg@ocunited.org

Reading Club with JacAlvaArt

This club provides healing for families in need through the love of art and reading. We focus on nurturing connection within a fun environment.

  • Registration required (open to community members)
  • Every Tuesday at the Gilbert Community Center
  • Contact gabyg@ocunited.org

Domestic Abuse Support Groups

  • Open to community members
  • Thursdays at 6pm in Spanish
  • Contact gabyg@ocunited.org for location

Preguntas / Questions?

Gaby Garcia (714) 686-0878, gabyg@ocunited.org
Yaneth Carrillo (714) 519-9676, yanethc@ocunited.org
Caleb Parker (707) 704-0799, calebp@ocunited.org
Noemi Tovar noemit@ocunited.org

Valencia Park Community Night with the Fullerton PD

Overcoming Domestic Abuse Curriculum in Spanish