Voces Unidas

United Voices of Valencia Park


Guidance, Resources, & Healing for the Community

What is Voces Unidas?

Voces Unidas is an initiative of OC UNITED that desires to bring safety, connection, and wholeness to our own homes and our community. Our community suffers from developmental trauma, juvenile crime, domestic abuse, and more.

OC United provides the resources and backing to equip parents to improve the conditions of their own community, to elevate their voices, to provide trauma-informed interventions, to connect their neighbors to resources, and to walk alongside them in the process of healing.

Our Vision

“Voces Unidas / United Voices” is OC United’s Community Building Initiative (CBI). Our vision is to elevate the voices and capacity of the community to advocate, determine, and implement positive change.

Voces Unidas Calendar

Weekly Calendar

*details below*

  • Every Sunday, we pack and distribute food to 30 families in the community.
  • Every Tuesday (5:00pm) and Thursday (10:30am) we have domestic abuse support group and Character Solutions / Cultivando el Character in Spanish serving upwards of 20 women per week.
  • Every Wednesday at 3pm we have community meetings (via Zoom) where parents advocate for the wellbeing and development of their community and for the academic performance of their children.
  • Every other Wednesday, we provide dinner to families in need.
  • Every Friday we provide pizza to a under-resourced apartment complex.
  • We also provide one-on-one trauma interventions on-demand.

Preguntas / Questions?

Gaby Garcia (714) 686-0878, gabyg@ocunited.org
Yaneth Carrillo (714) 519-9676, yanethc@ocunited.org
Caleb Parker (707) 704-0799, calebp@ocunited.org

Reunion Comunitaria /
Community Meetings

Cada Miercoles (Every Wednesday) at the Boys & Girls Club Modular (Valencia Park) from 8:15am – 11am

Organizar a la comunidad y lograr tener una mejor calidad de vida para nuestras familias.
Organize the community and work to have a better quality of life for our families.

Horario del Dia/ Schedule of the day

8:15- 8:30 AM – Cafe y Bienvenida / Coffee and Welcome
8:30- 9:30 AM – Capacitacion – CBI / Training – CBI
9:30-10:30 AM – CBI discusion / CBI discussion
10:30-11:00 AM – Teniente Jose Arana (Fullerton PD) & Padre Dennis / Lieutenant Jose Arana (Fullerton PD) & Father Dennis

Community Dinners

(temporarily on hold)

Twice a Month; 1st and 2nd Wednesday of every month from 5:00pm – 7:00pm

Dinner, Games, Sports, Crafts at Valencia Park in Fullerton

Pritchard AWANA Club

(temporarily on hold)

Every Friday at 145 N. Pritchard St. Fullerton from 5:00pm – 7:00pm

Bible Club, Games, Dinner, Lesson, Craft
In Partnership with Fullerton Free Church