“Coping with Triggers”

“One of the highlights of my week is my class with a group of teen girls from Crittenton Residential Treatment Center.  In this class I talk about building and maintaining healthy relationships.  Some of the things we discuss are what to look for in a relationship, the importance of character, and how to exit a bad relationship.  We also discuss areas outside of romantic relationships such as those with friends, coworkers or people at school.

In addition, some of the girls are already mothers so I teach about healthy parenting and what that looks like.  Many of these girls come from families where domestic abuse occurred and have not had healthy relationships modeled to them.  My goal is always to help them break the cycle of violence and move forward into the future.”

Donna Mroz
Director, Unite Against Domestic Abuse

We have also been partnering with a campaign called “What’s Your Story” who shares life-story interviews of people in North Orange County to empower others to share their stories and inspire through their life experiences.