Focus on the Lighthouse


“Three times a week I teach a class at the Anaheim Lighthouse Treatment Center.  The Lighthouse is a residential treatment center for both men and women breaking their addictions to drugs and alcohol.  My classes there focus on a combination of art therapy and teaching.  It always amazes me to see how grateful the women are for the opportunity to sit and make jewelry.  As we sit together and make jewelry, we talk.  During our class time the women often talk about relationships in their lives and the pain they have experienced.  There is such a strong connection to the addiction issues these women face and the experience of domestic abuse as a child, teen or adult.  According to …

women who have been abused are 15 times more likely to abuse alcohol and nine times more likely to abuse drugs than women who have not been abused


I feel blessed to be able to help the women through their recovery by providing tools to have healthy safe relationships when they leave the Lighthouse.”

Donna Mroz
Director, United Against Domestic Abuse

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