Welcome to SOLful at Valencia Park Elementary

SOLful is a one-month summer program for kids at Valencia Park Elementary! Eight years ago, the Fullerton School District had budget cuts that took away summer school programming for children. A local nonprofit collaborated with parents and the school district to create a summer alternative for their students. Thus, SOLful began.

Kids have lots of fun playing sports, learning science, doing arts, crafts and a number of other activities all thanks to incredible volunteers, staff, and donors who make it happen.

Throughout the year, OC United provides an after-school program at Valencia Park Elementary called “United Kids” that provides academic support and mentorship for students. We desire to invest deeply into the next generation, students at Valencia Park Elementary because they can and will truly make a difference.

Thanks to SOLful we can continue to invest in students at Valencia Park Elementary throughout the summer. With the school year quickly approaching, we need YOUR HELP to volunteer for United Kids this 2017-2018 school year!

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