Hope and Homelessness

“We launched our second cycle of Jobs for Life(JfL) classes January 23 at Orange County’s homeless shelter, Bridges at Kraemer Place. We had a great opening night with 14 students and as many JfL volunteers, most serving as champions (mentors). Our hearts were moved by the eagerness and determination evident throughout the class and we anticipate a tremendous adventure with them until classes conclude March 15. We still have a need for more female volunteers to work with the women in our class. If you would like to step up and find out more about this life-changing experience, contact Mike Carman (JfL Program Director) at 714.515.3006.

And as God continues to move among us, we have been approved to teach Jobs for Life at the Courtyard, a 400-bed emergency shelter located in Santa Ana. This is a big move of faith for us, as it will stretch our resources (ie. volunteers!) beyond our current limits. We are talking about a two afternoon-weekly class (e.g. Mondays/Wednesdays, 1:30-3:30) for eight weeks, beginning in March. If you’d like more information about helping us in this location, contact Mike and he would be happy to talk to you more about it.

We often talk about wanting to do something that makes a real difference in our world. This is it. Join us at Jobs for Life!”

Mike Carman
Director, OC United Jobs for Life Program