“The Only Woman Champion”

Coming into Jobs for Life I don’t think I had the clearest picture of what to expect. I knew it was a work force skills curriculum focused around biblical truth that met at a local shelter for two hours twice a week. I wasn’t too sure what my duties would entail as a champion but I knew the need was great and I wanted fill in the gap.

When I arrived at the shelter on the first day I was nervous and a bit intimidated because I didn’t know anyone in the group and I was the only women champion. But during the first class each student had an opportunity to share why they signed up for the class and the reasons they shared were as expected, they wanted to gain job skills and hopefully land a job. But one student shared he signed up for the class to get away from the negativity downstairs. He saw Jobs for Life as a safe place, a setting he could escape the harsh reality of the shelter and find people who would genuinely care for him.

It was in that moment during the first class that I knew I was meant to be a champion not only to provide my knowledge with job skills but I was there for a much bigger purpose, I was a champion so I could love the people around me.

Jobs for Life has impacted my life much more than I thought it would. I had the opportunity for 8 weeks to love my neighbor and become friend with people that I probably would have never met otherwise. Jobs for Life created special moments that allowed me to invest in the students by listening to them practice their interview, provide constructive feedback that they would implement in the workforce, and participate in small group discussions where I could speak the word of God into their lives.

Although joining Jobs for Life seemed like a big commitment taking two days out of my busy week, it in fact was the two days out of the week I looked most forward to.

Champion, Jobs for Life


We are in desperate need for more champions, especially female champions, for this next Jobs for Life Class.
If you are interested, please contact Mike Carman at [email protected]