Cecilia “Sally” Johnson


Cecilia “Sally” Johnson

Volunteer of the Month

Sally is one of our most kind, patient, and dedicated volunteers. She started volunteering last school year for the United Kids After-School Program at Valencia Park Elementary. Her commitment to the program and to the children is an absolute blessing. For example, she is quick to learn the names of the children, their unique personalities, and to ask questions when they are having hard days. Cecilia is fluent in English but her first language is Spanish. Over the years, she has forgotten her Spanish but because of her love and desire to connect with the children she has been practicing it again.

Another thing that we love about Sally is her heart to feed the kiddos in the program. Because of the hectic after-school program environment, it can often be difficult to care for the children AND to feed them at the same time. However, every day Sally is the first to step up to help distribute the food.In the program, children have their dinner around 3:30 pm and Cecilia is there to feed them.

Sally is ALWAYS on time to volunteer and stays the entire duration of the after-school program, whereas many volunteers need to come late or leave early due to the timing of the program. She always lets us know ahead of time if she is unable to make it to volunteer too.

Sally, thank you for always being attentive to the needs of the children in the program and fellow volunteers. Thank you for your commitment to the program, for your great character and demeanor as a volunteer, and for your great love for the little ones. You are an answer to prayers and we believe your impact on the kids at Valencia Park will impact their future. Thank you for the example that you have set of what God can and will do in Valencia Park.

Sally, thank you for serving so diligently and with so much joy!

– Gaby Garcia and Donna Whitman (OC United, Neighborhoods Initiative)