From Fullerton PD

by Captain Jose Arana #1176

A letter from Fullerton Police Department

by Captain Jose Arana #1176

Members of the Fullerton Police Department and myself, Captain Jose Arana, have engaged in a positive and ongoing relationship with the OC United organization and its diverse employees. The relationship between the Fullerton Police Department and OC united was developed and solidified approximately two years ago in an effort to build trust among City of Fullerton citizens. These relationships evolved as a result of continued participation with OC United employees, Spanish-speaking parents, and the youth OC United mentors. The participation between the Fullerton Police Department and OC United has included but is not limited to; weekly meeting participation, youth activities, parent with youth activities, and police department law educational presentations. The ongoing and further developing relationship between both organizations has developed trust, transparency, and availability.

In conjunction with assistance from additional law enforcement agencies, I have presented several educational topics to the OC United parents and youth in areas such as drug recognition/prevention, gang violence/prevention, school violence, school bullying, homelessness, and various subjects affecting the quality of life of members of the community.

Police officers have participated in several activities including youth sports activities which have allowed the OC United youth to further identify and connect with the police officers who were once labeled as strangers to the community.

We, the Fullerton Police Department, and I are further committed to further build on the relationship we have established with an organization such as OC United. We look forward to providing a positive impact on the community members we serve.

Thank You,

Captain Jose Arana #1176