Partner Spotlight

Highlighting Volunteers, Organizations, and Partners

  • The Road to Restoration

    When a child from hard places begins blessing others, restoration has begun for the whole community. In our neighborhoods initiative, we all thrive when there is a two-way stream of giving and receiving. Here’s one story of restoration. Andrew was nominated for Valencia Park Elementary’s (VP) mentoring program where he met Gaby, our director. As […]

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  • The Power of One

    “What impact can an 86 year old retired teacher or a 17 year old Buena Park High student make on a Title I School? Over 75% of the kids enrolled in Valencia Park Elementary are learning English as a second language and 72% are receiving free lunches because of financial difficulty. Furthermore, did you know […]

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  • Community Serves Local Elementary School During Easter Week

    This past Easter week, over a hundred volunteers put together thousands of eggs, hosted 7 Easter egg hunts, and an Easter party for students and their families at Valencia Park Elementary school. Do you love seeing our community united for change? Click Here to Watch the Video  

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  • Volunteer Spotlight: Amanda

    Amanda began volunteering with our Domestic Abuse initiative earlier this year. She assists Donna at our Monday night “Love Doesn’t Have to Hurt” Class but has also been learning and participating as well. Now she is beginning to lead and teach!  Donna Mroz says that Amanda has brought a lot of hope to the women and even though she is young, she […]

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