Domestic Abuse

What if those who have experienced abuse could enjoy community and restoration?

We walk alongside women who have been victims of domestic abuse to help them identify, recover from, and resist abusive relationships. We do this through support groups, healthy relationship classes, art therapy, and mentorship.


We provide weekly classes working with women from abusive contexts. Our partners include Crittenton (foster care group home) and Sheepfold (faith-based transitional living home). We use Donna’s book called Overcoming Domestic Violence: There is Hope! as the basis for the groups curriculum.

Domestic Abuse Support Group

“Love Doesn’t Have to Hurt” Support Group is held Mondays from 7-8pm at the Fullerton Police Department (237 West Commonwealth Ave). Let us walk beside you in your journey toward hope and healing. For more information contact Donna at (714) 928-7434.

Ways to Get involved:

  • Share your story at one of our classes working with young adults who have experienced abuse.
  • Interested in being trained to help facilitate a Domestic Abuse Support Group?
  • Be a consistent classroom helper who will walk alongside others who have come from hard places.