What if those experiencing homelessness were prepared for meaningful employment and relationships?

OC United empowers those who find themselves without permanent housing to understand they are loved, valued, and capable of stepping into the community, employment, and permanent housing. We engage men and women with the prospect of employment, empowering them to rediscover their identity and experience the dignity of work.


According to the OC Point-in-Time survey taken in January 2017, there were almost 4,800 men, women and children counted as homeless throughout Orange County on a given night. Nearly 2,600 of them were living on the streets, and 2,200 were lodged in the emergency or transitional shelters. Homelessness has increased around 8% in Orange County since 2015.

Jobs For Life

Through Jobs for Life, we engage unemployed and underemployed men and women in training and preparation for a lifetime of work. We take them through a 32-hr curriculum that focuses not only on job mechanics (resumes, interviews, etc.) but more so on life and character qualities (integrity, faithfulness, loyalty, etc.). During the course, students are paired with mentors who walk with them for 12 months, encouraging and championing them in their journey. We then include the business community to work with us as mentors and as partners in providing job interviews and potential hiring opportunities for our graduates.

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El Dorado

In 2011 we began to show up at the El Dorado motel every week, multiple times a week. We even moved to the motel to have a live-in presence. It has transformed us. Wednesday nights we have rotating teams serve dinner to approximately 125 residents providing connection and community. Friday nights we bring families together through pizza, root beer floats, fun activities, crafts, dominos, and laughter. Sunday nights offer a faith-based gathering for those interested in exploring Jesus together.