Serving the Community with Hope International University

On Sunday, Aug 17th we partnered with Hope International to challenge their new incoming students to do a serve day together. The new students were all put into groups of 20 and were introduced to dorm life, the cafeteria, the campus and church on Sunday. After lunch, we had the joy of leading them into a couple hours of community service.

Here are the locations where they served:

  1. Some went to Fullerton High school and helped paint some bright green medal trash cans and match them with the bright red Fullerton color. They also cleaned up 10 benches that will hopefully grace their campus and invite lots of conversation.
  2. 5 students painted the ramp of Matt, a gentleman that lives behind OC United in a trailer that was donated to him. A year ago he had a stroke and so this team brightened his world by helping preserve and beautify the ramp he uses every day as well as help clean his kitchen area (stove, fridge and sink).
  3. One team worked at our Thrive guys home (aged out foster kids) helping to dig up a planter area that will be filled with bark to help beautify the front yard. They worked hard on a really hot day.
  4. Another group visited City Lights, a low income housing site that works with adults with physical and mental disabilities. They helped clean rooms and then enjoyed a fun and spirited time of karaoke with the residents.
  5. Lastly a team went to our girls Thrive four-plex and did some beautification outside the quad area as well as inside the common areas.

I’m confident these students started their new year off in the best way possible, caring about others and seeking to be a blessing in our community.

Have a great semester!

Executive Director, OC United
[email protected]